About us


It gives us pleasure to introduce ourselves as First
ISO 9001:2008 Certified Pest Management Company in Pakistan
working for the last 19 years in field of Pest Management, farm
Bio-Security and Environmental Hygiene Solutions. At Vetgen it is our
belief that Pest Control must form an integral part of good
housekeeping and sanitation procedure. Our employees undergo rigorous
training in the areas of Domestic pest, viral & bacterial problem
identification, pesticide and disinfectants use and up to date control
techniques in order to give you the best possible service. We examine your
particular Pest / Hygiene problem very closely in order to eradicate it with
the most appropriate control measures. Then if you wish, we will conduct a
regular check-up on the premises to forestall any recurrence of the
problem. Then with your cooperation and our regular work and
preventative care, we will work as a team towards good pest control.


Our work involves inspecting, advising and treating all types of domestic
Pest and Hygiene problems, when we inspect (FREE OF CHARGE), we
advise customers by giving as much information about the problem and
treatment method as possible. We are environmental friendly so we treat
your premises with the greatest possible care and will not use anything to
treat your premises that we wouldn’t use at our own premises. The
treatment consists of using the safest available sprays, dusts, baits, gels
and granules.

We Are A Bio-Security Company

It gives us pleasure to introduce our selves as an outstanding company in the field of fumigation & related Bio Security service. the company is maintaining highly equipment’s consisting of

  1. Fumigators
  2. Pressure Washers
  3. Termite Drills
  4. Thermo Foggers
  5. Power Sprayers
  6. Sucking pumps
  7. power vacuums
  8. Fog generators etc.

These are giving excellent results in our following services.

  1. Termite Control
  2. Crawling Insects Control
  3. Flying Insects Control
  4. Rodents Control
  5. Farms Parasites Control
  6. Environmental Ticks Control
  7. Garden Spray
  8. Micro Wash Tanks & Pool Cleaning
  9. Ship & Cargo Fumigation
  10. Snakes Control
  11. Expert & Imports consignments treatments
  12. Pets Houses ticks Elimination
  13. Poultry & Dairy Farms Fumigation

We are using imported and W.H.O Approved Chemicals Which are environment friendly & no side effects to humans. Almost Control & elimination of all types of flying & crawling insects for a long periods.

In the field of fumigation Vetgen introduces a new concepts of Bio-Security Which gives a 100 % Environmental Control against all types of flying , crawling and other parasites especially in gardens, pet houses, poultry & dairy farms etc.

Our Team

  1. Site Supervisor
  2. Fumigation Supervisor
  3. Cleaning Supervisor
  4. Cleaning staff


  • More than since 20 years Experience.
  • ISO 9001: 2015 Certified.
  • HACCP compliant.
  • Registered in Plant Protection Department (MINFAL) Govt. of Pakistan.
  • Immediate Call back Service.
  • Trained & Experienced Staff.
  • Warranted Results.
  • Entomologist on Staff.
  • Integrated Pest Management.
  • The Lowest Price Quality Service Allows!
  • Imported & WHO approved chemicals.
  • Latest and Advances Equipments
  • Capable to handle big projects.
  • Friendly Technicians.
  • Fast & effective response.
  • Minimal Chemical Usage.


Some Important Techniques
  • Client Consultation.
  • Inspection.
  • Prevention Strategies.
  • Ongoing monitoring programs.
  • Insects and rodents baiting and trappings.
  • Spot and Whole structure treatments.
  • Risk Assessment.
  • Gap Analysis.
  • Long term Solutions.
  • Increased Customer Awareness.
Our Main Working Areas
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Agriculture
  • Veterinary / Livestock (Animals / Poultry /Pets)
Fetaured service

The best service we have provided.

A vetgen Cleaner service, or Custodian, is responsible for keeping offices, homes, hotels or other public areas neat and organized. 


Latest & Advanced Equipment’s Our Vandor’s.






All chemicals used in our services are WHO approved and imported from china / Malaysia.

Fumigants / Insecticides / Pesticides


1: (Permethrin 25%)
2: (Deltamethrin 1.5%)
3: (D D V P 50%)



1: Brodifacoum.
2: Wax Blocks.



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